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We’re often asked many questions about our Knit Together groups that meet each week so we thought we’d answer some of those questions here!

What exactly do you do when you get together?
We hang out and knit while enjoying fellowship together. We often talk about everything from knitting to our daily lives.

What do you knit?
Anything and everything. We don’t dictate what you can knit and we encourage you to bring whatever you’d like.

Do you knit for charity projects?
Sometimes we do participate in charity projects, but that’s not the sole purpose of the group. If you’re interested in knitting for a charity but don’t know how to get started, just let us know.

Why do you have to have a group to knit, can’t you do that at home?
Knit Together was created so that we could be together and make friendships starting with this knitting thing that we have in common.

I don’t know how to knit, can I still come?
You bet! If you’d like to learn to knit (or maybe crochet) there is always someone to help you get started. If you would rather just hang out and work on another craft, you can do that too!

Can you help me with my knitting obstacles?
We can try! The hosts of Knit Together have worked hard to help many people with issues that they come across and we’ll happily help you too.

Can you help me knit something new (socks, sweaters, shawls?)
We sure can! We can help you choose a pattern and even help you as you work through it.

Do you do KALs (knit alongs)?
On occasion we do host a KAL, but you are not required to participate at all.

How much “church” is in your group?
At this time, we do not put “church” into our knitting groups. We want to encourage everyone to come and be comfortable despite their beliefs or denominations. We only ask that you are respectful and refrain from lewd discussions or profanity.

There are other knitting groups, what makes yours different?
Our group is a bit more family friendly than other groups we’ve heard about. Some of those other knitting groups encourage drinking and some discussions that can be uncomfortable for others, but our group is just for everyone and we want to keep it healthy and fun.

Do I have to listen to the podcast to know what’s going on?
Absolutely not! Most of the time our topics from the groups make it into the podcast, not the other way around. Besides, we have two locations and we don’t always know what’s happening in the other group!

This is my first time to the group, what should I bring?
If you are a new knitter looking for a lesson, we recommend that you stop by a craft store such as Hobby Lobby or Michael’s and grab a few supplies.

Knitting Needles: Size US 7 or US 8

You can buy needles at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart, Jo-Ann’s, or at a local yarn store. We recommend bamboo needles for beginners. They are tad more expensive, but the stitches won’t slip off as easily and the tips are more blunt so it won’t hurt your fingers as much. You can buy straights or circulars, either will work. If you buy a circular needle, make sure the cable is about 30″ long.

Yarn: Cotton yarn

You can buy the yarn wherever you get your needles and you should be able to buy either Peaches N Creme or Lily Sugar N Cream for about $2 a ball. Choose a solid color, but one that is not dark. Avoid black, grey, and the darker blue’s and greens. Lighter/brighter colors will help you see what you are doing.

We’re always here to answer your questions, so feel free to contact us anytime!

You can come every week, or you can come when you can. The more you come the more you will learn! You can come for the entire time, or just part of the time. It’s up to you!! Say your husband get’s home at 6:30 and you can’t really make it until 7:30… that’s fine with us! :) I’d rather you come for part of the time than not at all!